I have read the articles of both of these statistical methods on wikipedia, and as far as I can tell they are used in the same cases. I could not tell in how far they work the same way, since the two-way ANOVA article is rather elliptic.

Could you tell me:

  • Whether there is a difference between these two methods
  • What the difference is
  • What use cases is each method best suited for?

In a (one-way) MANOVA, you study the effect of a single categorical variable (e.g. treatment yes/no) on the averages of two or more continuous response variables (e.g. diastolic and systolic blood pressure).

In a two-way ANOVA, you study the effects of two categorical variables (e.g. treatment yes/no and and sex) on the average of a single continuous response variable (e.g. systolic blood pressure).


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