New to the site and to stats here! This may be a silly question, but I haven't been able to find a satisfactory answer on the procedure for a power analysis (or general guidelines about sample size) with a quantile regression. I plan on looking at 3 predictors along a single outcome. What would a recommended sample size be, or how can I conduct a power analysis? I appreciate any help, thanks!


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For general linear quantile models of the form $$F^{-1}_{Y|X}(\tau) = X'\beta_n(\tau)$$ where $\beta_n$ is allowed to depend on the sample size, Chernozhukov and Fernandez-Val (2005) construct a power analysis for conditional quantile regression models as in your case. They consider the general null hypothesis $$R(\tau)\beta_0 (\tau) - r(\tau) = 0$$ for $\tau \in (0,1)$. Their procedure allows you to test for

  • a significant effect for a given predictor
  • a constant effect for a given predictor across quantiles
  • stochastic dominance (e.g. unanimously beneficial impact of a treatment)

Victor Chernozhukov makes his R code available on his website under the section "Policy Analysis" for the paper "Subsampling on Quantile Regression Processes".

Chernozhukov, V. and Fernandez-Val, I. (2005) "Subsampling on Quantile Regression Processes", The Indian Journal of Statistics, Special Issue on Quantile Regression and Related Methods, Vol. 67 part 2, pp. 253-276


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