So basically my data is the following: Data point #, Date, Time, Temp and Salinity. Loggers logged over 9 months, and I need to summarize each day by minimum temperature and salinity, as well as max, range, and mean. The number of data points are not consistent each day, because some data needed to be pulled out because the loggers became exposed in the intertidal. Any suggestions on code for this? Very new to R, but would like to use it as much as possible.

#   Date    Time    Temp°C  Salinity,ppt   
8   5/12/13 9:52    15.13   28.2187  
9   5/12/13 10:02   15.21   28.0135  
10  5/12/13 10:12   15.38   27.7348  
11  5/12/13 10:22   15.51   27.5082  

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Aggregate() may be a suitable solution:

mySummary <- data.frame(
aggregate(Petal.Width~Species, data=iris, min),
aggregate(Petal.Width~Species, data=iris, max),
aggregate(Petal.Width~Species, data=iris, mean))

mySummary <- mySummary[,c(1,2,4,6)]

colnames(mySummary) <- c("species", "min", "max", "mean")



     species min max  mean
1     setosa 0.1 0.6 0.246
2 versicolor 1.0 1.8 1.326
3  virginica 1.4 2.5 2.026

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