I am running anchored analyses in Winsteps on four data sets (a full data set as well as the data degraded by an additional 20%, 50%, and 70%). I noticed that the standard errors are labeled ERROR for the full data and the data that is degraded an additional 50%, but are labeled MODLSE for the data that is degraded an additional 20% and 70%. This standard error relabeling occurs in both the item file (IFILE) and person file (PFILE) outputs. Does anyone know if ERROR and MODLSE are the same? Why the difference? Thanks!

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The MODLSE and ERROR columns are the same standard error of the estimate. They are obtained from 2 different versions of WINSTEPS. WINSTEPS 3.75 came out right around 10/22/2013, and one of the changes Mike Linacre made was to replace ERROR in the IFILE and PFILE column labels with MODLSE (see #10 under version 3.75 here: http://www.winsteps.com/wingood.htm). It turns out that some of these output files were run on or before 10/22/13 whereas some were run after. Case closed!

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