This is my first post and I am a newby in pymc. I am trying to model a non-linear system (see below for a further explanation). I create my synthetic data with:

data = np.random.normal(8., data_std, 1000)
obs = pm.Normal("obs", coupling, value=data, observed=True)

My stochastic variable is:

phi = pm.Uniform("phi", -180, 180., value=-150)

and it is related to the data though the deterministic function:

def coupling(phi=phi, a=a,b=b,c=c):
     Calculate the J-coupling  from Karplus forumula
     return a*np.cos(ang)**2+b*np.cos(ang)+c

(a,b,c are scalars. In the future, I'll try to see what happens when they are also stochatic variables)

Then my model is:

model = pm.Model([obs, phi])
mcmc = pm.MCMC(model)
mcmc.sample(20000, burn=1000, burn_till_tuned=False)

What I don't understand is why the posterior distribution of phi does not depend on the dispersion of the data. That is, I get the same std of phi_trace whether data_std is 0.1 or 2. What I am doing wrong?

phi_trace = mcmc.trace("phi")[:]
print "\n Phi std:", phi_trace.std()

Thanks in advance, Ramon

PS. I know the nonlinearity of the system may cause the model to get trapped to one of the solutions, say close to -150 and not explore 0 or +150. I'll try to deal with that in the future...

PS2. Some background: phi is a dihedral angle of a molecule and the coupling is what can be measured experimentally. In fact a uniform distribution for phi is a bad prior, but I wanted to see the difference when using more informative priors.


I am answering my own question... The reason is that I am defining the observed data (obs) as a normal distribution, but I am not including the precision of the distribution as a stochastic variable. The correct model should be:

tau = pm.Normal('tau', 5., .05) #or other possible choices...
obs = pm.Normal("obs", coupling, tau, value=data, observed=True)
model = pm.Model([obs, phi, tau])

Now the posterior of phi depends on the dispersion of data, as expected...


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