I'm working an analysis about finding frequent sequences in a event-state dataset using the R package TraMineR (and arulesSequences too). In arulesSequences the algorithm used to find frequent sequences is the cSPADE algorithm.

But what is the algorithm TraMineR uses for the function seqefsub? Does it use the GSP algorithm or the cSPADE algorithm as well? I couldn't find any information about that in the user guide and other information material.


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As stated in Ritschard et al. (2013), the algorithm implemented in TraMineR is an adaptation of the pre fix-tree-based search described in Masseglia (2002).

  • Masseglia, F. (2002). Algorithmes et applications pour l'extraction de motifs sequentiels dans le domaine de la fouille de donnees : de l'incremental au temps reel. Ph. D. thesis, Universite de Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines.

  • Ritschard, G., Bürgin, R. & Studer, M. (2013), "Exploratory Mining of Life Event Histories", In McArdle, J.J. & Ritschard, G. (eds) Contemporary Issues in Exploratory Data Mining in the Behavioral Sciences. Series: Quantitative Methodology, pp. 221-253. New York: Routledge.


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