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The Sums of squares in 3 way Anova in R output has changed as the order of the variables in the modes changes [duplicate]

I am trying to fit a 3 way ANOVA using R. Then i realized the sums of squares of the output has changed when the order of the variables in the model are changed.Can anyone figure out the reason for ...
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When is it ok to remove the intercept in a linear regression model?

I am running linear regression models and wondering what the conditions are for removing the intercept term. In comparing results from two different regressions where one has the intercept and the ...
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How to interpret type I, type II, and type III ANOVA and MANOVA?

My primary question is how to interpret the output (coefficients, F, P) when conducting a Type I (sequential) ANOVA? My specific research problem is a bit more complex, so I will break my example ...
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Why do p-values change in significance when changing the order of covariates in the aov model?

I have a data set of 482 observations. data=Populationfull Im going to do a genotype association analysis for 3 SNPs. Im trying to build a model for my analysis ...
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The effect of the number of samples in different cells on the results of ANOVA

I have written a 3-way ANOVA in C++. I have 3 factors, lets say A, B and C and my aim is to check the strength of all possible interactions and main effects. The result of my code is the same as in ...
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Can I calculate adjusted means from ANCOVA if data is unbalanced?

I have a 10k lines dataframes on which I want to perform ANCOVA so I can get adjusted means. Please note that I've never done this before so I jump from a tutorial to another, but I still want to ...
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Why are all regression predictors in a balanced factorial ANOVA orthogonal?

In a balanced factorial ANOVA, when it is understood as a linear model, all categorical predictors (all main effects and all interactions of all orders) are mutually orthogonal, which leads to many ...
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Order of Independent variables in regression

I've data df and i'm wondering why p-value change according the order of the independent variables product and ...
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glmmTMB results in R summary() or Anova()?

I am wondering how to analyze differences between subspecies. I want to see if body mass differs between 3 subspecies of rodent and if sex and reproductive status are also different. We then want to ...
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R: Mixed ANOVA works with the aov{stats} function and fails with the anova_test{rstatix} function. Why?

I can implement a rather complicated mixed ANOVA in R with the aov{stats} or the lmer{lme4} functions, but not with the anova_test{rstatix} nor the Anova{car} functions. My question follows: How can I ...
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Why OLS results differ from 2-way ANOVA of model?

I see examples here and here, where first OLS is performed and then the resulting model is subjected to anova_lm With crop_yield....
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Why would the significance of coefficients change in a logistic regression after transforming a variable?

I have a logistic regression with three independent variables. The correlation coefficients between the three variables are: For two of the variables with correlation coef of 0.1, if you do a ...
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Interaction effect no significant in regression but significant in predicted values

I have a question regarding statistical significance in an OLS model with an interaction. Basically, when I plot the predicted values, the interaction is significant as shown in the Figure below but ...
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gls with ML not working so I can't find the best model

My question is close to this one which wasn't really answered: I am running models to ...
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Why do I get a diffirent answer from book in this ANOVA question?

From Design and Analysis of Experiments, by Douglas C Montgomery, An example for ANOVA is given using the following data set, With a conclusion being But I am having a lot of trouble trying to do ...
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