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Famous statistical quotations

What is your favorite statistical quote? This is community wiki, so please one quote per answer.
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What is your favorite "data analysis" cartoon?

Data analysis cartoons can be useful for many reasons: they help communicate; they show that quantitative people have a sense of humor too; they can instigate good teaching moments; and they can help ...
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Understanding "variance" intuitively

What is the cleanest, easiest way to explain someone the concept of variance? What does it intuitively mean? If one is to explain this to their child how would one go about it? It's a concept that I ...
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Most confusing statistical terms

We statisticians use many words in ways that are slightly different from the way everyone else uses them. This cause lots of problems when we teach or explain what we are doing. I'll start a list (...
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Who are frequentists?

We already had a thread asking who are Bayesians and one asking if frequentists are Bayesians, but there was no thread asking directly who are frequentists? This is a question that was asked by @...
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How to describe statistics in one sentence?

When I first started learning statistics, procedures like the t-test, ANOVA, chi-squared and linear regression each appeared to be very different creatures. But now I realise these procedures each do ...
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How much do we know about p-hacking "in the wild"?

The phrase p-hacking (also: "data dredging", "snooping" or "fishing") refers to various kinds of statistical malpractice in which results become artificially statistically significant. There are many ...
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Example distribution where 74% of probability is above the mean

Watching Why You Should Want Driverless Cars On Roads Now, at 8:14 Derek Muller claims: Surveys show 74 % of people believe they are above average drivers. This claim motivates my question, but some ...
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What are good datasets to illustrate particular aspects of statistical analysis?

I realize this is subjective, but I thought it would be nice to talk about our favorite datasets and what we think makes them interesting. There is a wealth of data out there, and what with all of the ...
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What will be the correct answer, if we modify the "Best statistics question ever"?

There is a popular question, called "Best statistics question ever". If you choose an answer to this question at random, what is the chance you will be correct? A) 25% B) 50% C) 60% D) 25% This ...
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Beautifully written papers

From David Salsburg's book The lady tasting tea: Although the reader may not believe it, literary style plays an important role in mathematical research. Some mathematical writers seem unable to ...
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Statistical anecdotes [closed]

I was inspired by this question on statistics jokes and wanted to start a similar thread on statistical anecdotes. These are famous stories from the past where statistics have been used to solve some ...
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Do the principal values of higher moments exist for the Cauchy distribution?

It is known that the Cauchy distribution has undefined moments, and that the expectation has a principal Cauchy value $\operatorname{PV}\left( \mathbb{E} [X] \right)$ of zero. I wonder if $\...
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What is the probability of a team winning many golf tournaments when conducted with handicaps (i.e., has sandbagging occurred)?

For non golfers, each golfer has a handicap based on his scoring history. The handicap predicts, on average, how many shots above par that golfer will take to play 18 holes. In theory, when that ...
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recommendation for humor book on statistics [closed]

I am looking for a humor book on statistics. The intent is not to learn statistics. I am rather thinking about funny statistical facts, funny statistical quotes, etc. Any recommendation?

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