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Computing a "two-sided p-value" when the binomial dist. is NOT symmetric

When $p = .6$, then the binomial distribution is not symmetric. In this situation, how a "two-sided p-value" when observing 2 successes in 15 trials is calculated? In R, such a p-value is obtained as ...
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Calculating p-values for two tail test for population variance

A sporting goods manufacturer claims that the variance of string tensions for any decent tennis racquet should be about 9 pounds. The string tensions of 18 randomly selected tennis racquets produced a ...
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How to define a Rejection Region when there's no UMP?

Consider the linear regression model $\mathbf{y}=\mathbf{X\beta}+\mathbf{u}$, $\mathbf{u}\sim N(\mathbf{0},\sigma^2\mathbf{I})$, $E(\mathbf{u}\mid\mathbf{X})=\mathbf{0}$. Let $H_0: \sigma_0^2=\...
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Defining extremeness of test statistic and defining $p$-value for a two-sided test

Our tag definition of the $p$-value says In frequentist hypothesis testing, the $p$-value is the probability of a result as extreme (or more) than the observed result, under the assumption that the ...
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Likelihood-based hypothesis testing

$N_A$ and $N_B$ are variables of the counts of the number of events 'A' and events 'B' respectively. Those variables follow Poisson distributions with parameters $\lambda_A$ and $\lambda_B$. In ...
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Two tailed test on beta distribution

I have a serie of data ranging between [0,1]. I'm trying to fit this data using beta distributions. Given an extra point, between the same range, I would like to obtain a significance respect to the ...
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Asymmetric discrete distribution, how to efficiently calculate two sided p value from one sided p value

I want to test if a set of nodes have more or less links to another group than what it should be at random. Since I should not do any biased estimation of the direction of my test, I want to apply a ...
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Writing statistical analysis for Thesis (two tailed vs. one tailed)

So I'm writing the statistical analysis part of my thesis. Should I mention if the tests were two-tailed or one-tailed? The tests I have used are: ...
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Why we also consider the opposite signed value of test statistic in two tailed test to calculate P value?

Why P value of a 2 tailed test is multiplied by 2 [=2 X P(Z>tcal)? I am looking for a answer which may explain the underlying reason except the answer 'because it is a two tailed test'. Why we also ...
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Conclusions from rejecting the null hypothesis with two-sided test

Suppose that we have samples $x$ and $y$, where $x_i$ and $y_i$ are the $i$-th subject's responses to the first and the second treatment respectively. Then, we perform a two-sided statistical test, ...
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