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Removing outliers from dataset [duplicate]

I am conducting separate regression models for two of my hypotheses. If I spot outliers in one case of conducting the regression model can I then bring them back for my second? Or do these outliers ...
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Removing outliers at the start when there are multiple ANOVA and correlational analyses in a single results section [duplicate]

I would be grateful for opinion on which of the two options below (or an alternative) is best: Summary of study: In a single results section, different ANOVAs are run on the different metrics – raw ...
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When removing outlier is right? Removing techniques for outliers in R [duplicate]

I was searching outlier removal in R and I saw some comments related to almost never you should remove outlier from dataset. I wonder when we should remove outlier? I have a dataset consisting ...
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Is it OK to remove outliers from data?

I looked for a way to remove outliers from a dataset and I found this question. In some of the comments and answers to this question, however, people mentioned that it is bad practice to remove ...
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Is there a boxplot variant for Poisson distributed data?

I'd like to know if there is a boxplot variant adapted to Poisson distributed data (or possibly other distributions)? With a Gaussian distribution, whiskers placed at L = Q1 - 1.5 IQR and U = Q3 + 1....
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Is it cheating to drop the outliers based on the boxplot of Mean Absolute Error to improve a regression model

I have a prediction model tested with four methods as you can see in the boxplot figure below. The attribute that the model predicts is in range of 0-8. You may notice that there is one upper-bound ...
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Can we use leave one out mean and standard deviation to reveal the outliers?

Suppose I have normally distributed data. For each element of the data I want to check how many SDs it is away from the mean. There might be an outlier in the data (likely only one, but might be also ...
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How to detect outliers in skewed data set?

I am working on my school datamining project. Within preprocessing stage I need to remove outliers from my data set which is positively skewed (see description). I have an idea to remove all values ...
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Outlier detection using regression

Can regression be used for out lier detection. I understand that there are ways to improve a regression model by removing the outliers. But the primary aim here is not to fit a regression model but ...
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The Least Squares Assumptions

Assume the following linear relationship: $Y_i = \beta_0 + \beta_1 X_i + u_i$, where $Y_i$ is the dependent variable, $X_i$ a single independent variable and $u_i$ the error term. According to Stock &...
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Outlier treatment in Vector Autoregression (VAR) Model

Data: Multivariate Time Series, Series Demand of a product Rainfall data both available at monthly level from 2010-2013. Approach: I am trying to estimate the effect of rainfall on demand of the ...
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Cook's distance and $R^2$

I am currently running a linear regression and calculating its $R^2$ After that. I calculate the Cook's distance of all points and throw away from the analysis all of the points with a distance ...
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How to test for outliers in an mlogit model in R

I am running a multinomial logistic regression using the mlogit package and mlogit function in R. Now I need to check for ...
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Removal of multi-dimensional outliers?

I have some issues in data reduction, and one expert advised me to remove the outliers and then move to Factor Analysis. I want to remove outliers together, as I have 61 items, and box plots are not ...
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Intelligently selecting outliers

I'm trying to remove what might be considered "unreasonable" data by evaluating the percent error in the mean and square root of the variance. Here's the setup: Let's say I have three bids on a ...
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