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What is a multivariate logistic regression

There are a lot paper in medical researches using multivariate logistic regression. I am wondering if the multivariate logistic regression is just the mixed effects logistic regression or something ...
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Use of fixed effects and random effects

When can we do a linear regression without fixed or random effects and when do we need to use those in the regression analysis? I have tried studying a lot but have got only a vague idea. I would be ...
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Regression slope that increases persistently as my sample size increases

I found a peculiar feature in some data that I am analyzing and was wondering whether there was a technical term for this type of phenomenon and whether anyone has come across it before. I am doing a ...
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Identifying subject specific outliers in the presence of between subject heterogeneity

I have a simple dataset of people's heights, many people with measurements on multiple days (once a year for 10 years, say). I have the date of each measurement. Some of the height values are absurd....
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Measuring some of the patients more than once

I'm conducting a clinical study where I determine an anthropometrical measure of the patients. I know how to handle the situation where I have one measure per patient: I make a model, where I have a ...
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mean of repeated the (matlab) error

I have a population of 114 subjects. For each subject I have repeated measurements (1 each day) of the variable assessed (activity level). The number of measures varies for each subject (number of ...
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Linear model with multiple measures

Consider the following situation: I have several individuals (say 10), and for each of these individuals there is a covariate $x$ which linearly determines an outcome $y$. I can measure $y$ with some ...
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Percent Change of Averages - Statistically significant testing and Standard Error [closed]

I have several different experimental conditions and for each condition I measure a value at Day 0, 4, 8, 12, and 16. (Control N=15, Condition 1 N=8, Condition 2 N=4...etc.) Given that the starting ...
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Validity of an error term regarding individual variability (R)

Here is my data: _ I measured the response of a variable "Y" to 3 different treatments over time. "Treatment" is hence a 3 levels factor and "Time" is a continuous and numeric variable (unit=hours, ...
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How to calculate the post-hoc treatment effect depending on initial burden of patient

I have longitudinal data following patients before and after a dichotomous treatment. Exploratory analyses strongly suggest that the effect of the treatment depends on the initial burden of the ...
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