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Introductory Statistics, Hypothesis testing vs CI [duplicate]

Can someone please explain the difference between confidence interval and hypothesis tests. For example in relation to estimating the mean, it seems to me that the main difference is that in a one ...
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Trying to migrate from P values to CI... how to know when to reject null hypothesis? [duplicate]

So, I know that if we get a p<= 0.05 (95% CI), I know that the null hypothesis can be rejected. Now my question is how do I do that with CI? Eg. in the table below A17S group has a CI of (27.835-...
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Intuition For Overlapping Confidence Intervals and Statistical Significance [duplicate]

Two questions: I have a really hard time with the intuition for why the second part of this statement is true: If two statistics have non-overlapping confidence intervals, they are necessarily ...
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Interpretation of values contained in a confidence interval [duplicate]

Are the values within a confidence interval those that do not significantly differ from the point estimate? Or, put differently, how do we interpret the values contained in a CI given that the CI is ...
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Consistence between: binomial confidence intervals, fisher test and power? [duplicate]

The Question is at the end of the reasoning. 1 : Representation of binomial confidence intervals: We want to know if the proportion of reds in zone 1 is significantly different from the proportion of ...
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Why do the confindence intervals overlap when my p-value is significant in meta-regression? [duplicate]

I fitted a mixed effects meta-regression model with one dummy-coded predictor (USA vs. Europe). The output tells me that the predictor is significant. I then wanted to get the average estimated effect ...
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Relationship between two independent confidence intervals and the confidence intervals for these two sample (mean, standard deviation, n) [duplicate]

I'm trying to learn about when there is a 'statistically significant difference' and the size of the effect. Imagine that we have a new medicine, and there is a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT). The ...
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Looking at the plot of two sample's distribution of means which are compared cannot reveal significance? [duplicate]

In practice we sometimes used a wisdom that two overlapping CIs for sample mean distribution meant we could not reject Hull hypothesis, to get a quick answer. It looks though that this is a very raw ...
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If p-value is exactly 1 (1.0000000), what should the confidence interval limits be to support null hypothesis being true? [closed]

This is purely a hypothetical question. A very common statement is that $H_0$ is never true, it's just a matter of sample size. Let´s assume that for real there is absolutely no measurable ...
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Alternative graphics to "handle bar" plots

In my area of research, a popular way of displaying data is to use a combination of a bar chart with "handle-bars". For example, The "handle-bars" alternate between standard errors and standard ...
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Safely determining sample size for A/B testing

I am a software engineer looking to build an A/B testing tool. I don't have a solid stats background but have been doing quite a bit of reading over the last few days. I am following the methodology ...
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Can you explain why statistical tie is not naively rejected when $p_1-p_2 < 2 \,\text {MOE}$?

I need help explaining, and citing basic statistics texts, papers or other references, why it is generally incorrect to use the margin of error (MOE) statistic reported in polling to naively declare a ...
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Why is mean ± 2*SEM (95% confidence interval) overlapping, but the p-value is 0.05?

I have data as two lists: ...
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What fraction of repeat experiments will have an effect size within the 95% confidence interval of the first experiment?

Let's stick to an ideal situation with random sampling, Gaussian populations, equal variances, no P-hacking, etc. Step 1. You run an experiment say comparing two sample means, and compute a 95% ...
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How is the 95% in 2 standard deviations above different than 95% confidence interval?

Is there a difference between the two uses of 95% in: mean + 2 standard deviations (statistically significant) confidence interval
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