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Which variable is my moderator? [duplicate]

I am testing the effectiveness of a treatment on accuracy of decisions. I believe that the treatment will help people with low iq make more accurate decisions, and for people with high iq it won't ...
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What does "all else equal" mean in multiple regression?

When we do multiple regressions and say we are looking at the average change in the $y$ variable for a change in an $x$ variable, holding all other variables constant, what values are we holding the ...
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Put interested effect as IV or moderator in an interaction plot?

Say I am plotting the following interaction: mpg ~ cyl*disp (from the mtcars dataset in R). ...
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Controlling for age and sex in a multiple regression with a backward model selection

So, I have this dataset with a hormonal measure as independent variable and behavioral measures as dependent variables. I am using a linear regression as my model and after a backward selection, ended ...
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Is it "moderator" and "independent variable (predictor)" interchangeable?

I'm reading the answer to this question: "Moderation" versus "interaction"? The first answer is "The way to think about what an interaction is, is that if you were to ...
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Graphing versus further testing interactions

Following the question here, I have come across different (textbook) recommendations. Some authors suggest that the effect of the moderating variable is best understood in a graphic form. Others ...
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Small sample size: is multiple regression preferred over moderator analysis?

I would like to determine whether the relationship between variable X and Y depends on the value of a third variable M. It's a psychological topic and unfortunately I've got a sample size of 30 ...
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Question about deciding whether something is a moderator or covariate

Based on what I know, a moderation analysis is simply looking at an interaction between an IV and a moderator. However, people often refer to moderators when they talk about ANCOVA (analysis of ...
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Three independent variables + moderator (started with three-way anova but not sure about it)

I have a conceptual model with 3 regular independent variables and one dependent variable. Next to those three independent variables, I have another moderator variable possible affecting the ...
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Trying to setup an experiment - questions about how the data will be analysed

I've been redirected here from academia stackexchange, since it is supposedly a question for statistics. I hope here is the right place to be asking these kind of questions. So, here we go. I have ...
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Mediation/moderation: when interested in the effects of X on Y, should I leave my mediator/moderator(+interaction) in the analysis?

If I am running a mediation analysis (X: independent; Y: dependent; M: mediator; also applies to moderation), but I am also interested in the simple correlation between X and Y (i.e., for my first ...
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MANOVA for a Moderator variable?

I just did a MANOVA to investigate the effect of the my IV on my three DV's. However, now I want to see if my Moderator Variable has anything to do with it. Can I just put my MV as a covariates? It ...
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Causal Inference in a Multivariate Equation

I am wondering if both the coefficients can be identified in a causal sense given the context and the resulting multiple regression equation. Imagine a scenario where we have two investment ...
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