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How to interpret ggbiplot() visualization of PCA in R? [duplicate]

To apply and visualize PCA in R often ggbiplot() is used. What is the meaning of this plot ? Why it is useful for PCA ? We can consider this example:
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Interpreting results of PCA [duplicate]

I've recently started an introductory machine learning course and the first topic we have covered is prinicpal component analysis (PCA) and overall I am finding the whole topic quite tricky to wrap my ...
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How to interpret a PCA Biplot? [duplicate]

I constructed a PCA plot from a very high-dimensional dataset that contains features relating to fraud. After creating the PCA plot, I created a biplot with the features to see how they interact. The ...
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Interpretation of pca plot [duplicate]

I am looking at an example of using PCA: Specifically, Example 2 has data What are the points I'm looking at the biplot? ...
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Positioning the arrows on a PCA biplot

I am looking to implement a biplot for principal component analysis (PCA) in JavaScript. My question is, how do I determine the coordinates of the arrows from the $U,V,D$ output of the singular vector ...
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What are the four axes on PCA biplot?

When you construct a biplot for a PCA analysis, you have principal component PC1 scores on the x-axis and PC2 scores on the y-axis. But what are the other two axes to the right and the top of the ...
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What do the arrows in a PCA biplot mean?

Consider the following PCA biplot: ...
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How to interpret this PCA biplot?

I am approaching PCA analysis for the first time, and have difficulties on interpreting the results. This is my biplot (produced by Matlab's functions pca and ...
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What are the units in this PCA biplot? [duplicate]

This is a plot of my data These are the values: ...
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Interpretation of PCA biplot?

I just ran my first ever PCA, so please excuse any naivety on my part. As input, I used five years worth of the following: S&P/ASX 200 A-REIT S&P/ASX 200 Consumer Discretionary S&P/ASX ...
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Interpretation of biplot in PCA

Blue points all appear in the lower right-hand quadrant in the plane formed by the first two principal components. Is it a good interpretation of the biplot (right panel) to say that blue points are ...
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Interpreting PCA figures in layman terms

Image you have to present your PCA findings to a managerial board. An example: After having read answers from here, I've understood that The left and bottom axis are correlations The right and ...
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Confused about scores and loadings in this PCA biplot

I was investigating the interpretation of a biplot and meaning of loadings/scores in PCA in this question: What are the principal components scores? According to the author of the first answer the ...
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Angles between variables on a PCA biplot and correlations between the variables

A friend or mine has performed a PCA and he asked me for help about interpretating a biplot. In that biplot I found that the vector representing a variable, say A, forms a very wide angle, perhaps ...
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