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BCa confidence interval and p-value disagreement. What coefficient to be reported? [duplicate]

I am using propensity score matching with kernel matching to test for the average treatment effect on the treated. The distribution of the bootstrapped differences is as follows: I transformed them ...
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Bootstrap p-value for rate ratio [duplicate]

I used the bootstrap method to calculate the 95% CI of a rate ratio, but wonder how I could calculate a p-value to test the significance of the rate ratio by bootstrap? Any help would be much ...
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Is it true that the percentile bootstrap should never be used?

In the MIT OpenCourseWare notes for 18.05 Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Spring 2014 (currently available here), it states: The bootstrap percentile method is appealing due to its ...
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How to obtain p-values of coefficients from bootstrap regression?

From Robert Kabacoff's Quick-R I have ...
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Using bootstrap under H0 to perform a test for the difference of two means: replacement within the groups or within the pooled sample

Suppose that I have a data with two independent groups: ...
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Get p-value of coefficients in regression models using bootstrap

I've been reading a lot these last few days about how to get a p-value from bootstrap for regression models (not by permutation). For each coefficient of the model, the null hypothesis is that the ...
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p-values from CIs?

Is there a way to calculate p-values from bootstrapped CIs extracted with the quantile function? ...
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Non-parametric bootstrap p-values vs confidence intervals

Context This is somewhat similar to this question, but I do not think it is an exact duplicate. When you look for how instructions on how to perform a bootstrap hypothesis test, it is usually stated ...
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Why do the bootstrap calculated p-value and the confidence intervals seem to contradict each other [R code, specific example]?

Below you'll find the data and the corresponding R code used to perform the bootstrap hypothesis test to compare the ratio of the means of two samples and additionally, to estimate the 95% confidence ...
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converting a bootstrap confidence interval into a p-value

If a bootstrap confidence interval (CI) can be interpreted as a standard CI (e.g., the range of null hypothesis values that cannot be rejected) [also stated in this post]. Is it ok to derive a p-value ...
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Bootstrap based bias correction

Assume we have a probablistic model $f_{\theta}(x)$ and try to estimate the parameter $\theta$ based on data $x$ with some procedure that yields a biased estimator $$E[\hat{\theta}]=\theta + \eta,$$ ...
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Performing an ANOVA on bootstrapped values

I have a 2 x 2 experimental design and have bootstrapped the distribution of a particular statistic for each cell. Is it possible to perform something akin to an ANOVA on these bootstrapped data such ...
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Is it correct to say that the nonparametric BCa (bootstrap confidence intervals) is assumptions-free?

I'd like to use the BCa algorithm to compute 95% confidence limits (maybe let's not call it intervals) for the medians of two population samples. I'd like to visually inspect and conclude whether the ...
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Why is bootstrapping p-values not just finding the null in the bootstrap samples?

I've been trying to look into the possibility of plucking a p-value for a slightly tricky case from the bootstrap distribution that I'm generating to construct confidence intervals. Everything I'm ...
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How to calculate a p-value under the null from a bootstrap?

In another thread, I asked how to obtain a confidence interval of the difference in probability of success between two groups from a logit model and @Weihuang Wong showed me how to do this with a ...
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