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Simulation of logistic regression power analysis - designed experiments

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Sample size that will give statistically significant results

I have a computer program which I am trying to optimize. Suppose that I can collect random test cases which I will use to run both the original and the modified version to see if there are any ...
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Sample size for multiple linear regression

I have two questions : I am wondering if it is possible to know the size of the sample (n) for a multiple linear regression if I want the tests to be powerful enough ? To me, it seems very difficult ...
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Power analysis using lmer mixed model [duplicate]

I am using a mixed model in lmer to analyse some phenotype data across 3 levels of a treatment I am interested in, blocked by a random factor I am not interested in (just want to control for). So my ...
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Sample size calculation in repeated measures design for linear mixed models

Does anyone know a method how to calculate the required sample size in a repeated measures design that will be analysed using linear mixed modelling? The design looks as follows:I have two groups (...
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How to perform statistical power analysis for generalized linear models on IBM's SPSS?

I ran a generalized linear model (Poisson distribution) on some data of mine. This is my simplified syntax: ...
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Why there is no agrement on power / sample size for factorial repeated measures design?

I'm not really sure to what degree this is a statistical question but thought this might be the best place to start. If my questions prove only my ignorance please vote it down and I'll delete the ...
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power analysis for interaction of three within-subject factors

I am trying to find an example of power analysis for an interaction effect of three within-subject factors (each factor has 2 levels). I found only an example for an r code simulation with 2 factors, ...
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What does it mean to determine the power of your experiment via simulation?

What does it mean to determine the power of your experiment via simulation? Does it mean to run the experiment over and over again and count how many times a specific set of null hypotheses are ...
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How can I estimate the optimal number of experiments? [closed]

I have a list of 20 experiments, each have a certain numerical value as a result. I would like to run many more experiments of this type (for different conditions, and so on), but 20 experiments are ...
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