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Simulation of logistic regression power analysis - designed experiments

This question is in response to an answer given by @Greg Snow in regards to a question I asked concerning power analysis with logistic regression and SAS ...
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Estimating Multilevel Logistic Regression Models

The following multilevel logistic model with one explanatory variable at level 1 (individual level) and one explanatory variable at level 2 (group level) : $$\text{logit}(p_{ij})=\pi_{0j}+\pi_{1j}x_{...
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Power analysis with weighted survey data

I am used to performing power analysis with unweighted data. In R, I use the pwr package, which is based on Cohen (1988). How would you do power analysis on weighted survey data? I don't think you ...
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How to choose the sample size for a pilot study for making a power analysis?

Suppose one would like to test some new hypothesis, for which there are no previous data available. To estimate the needed sample size, one should do a power analysis. Since there are no previous data ...
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Post-hoc power analysis of complex sample survey data

I am working with a complex sample survey data using Stata to determine the predictors of a given dependent variable. As part of my analysis result I want to report the post-hoc power for each ...
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Logistic regression power analysis with moderation between categorical and continuous variable

I've been reading Simulation of logistic regression power analysis - designed experiments,, and Power analysis for ...
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Estimating size of validation cohort

We have generated an elastic net model on a small dataset, where we use gene expression data to calculate a biomarker score to discriminate patients with condition X vs controls. The dataset is too ...
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Power analysis for Ordinal Regression

I am looking for a resource to conduct power analysis for an ordinal regression that includes several predictors (there is no "treatment group"). I found a great simulation method first ...
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Power simulation for Difference-in-Difference

Referring to the simulation approach suggested by Snow for ordinal logistic regression: Here is a simple example with ordinal regression: ...
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Relationship between Intimal thickness (as assessed by score) and age or hormonal status

Is there a statistical program to calculate power for data generated by assigning a score (not necessarily linear ie score of 2 may not be equal to twice a score of 1)
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Determining the power associated with the logistic model

Although there has been some detailed discussions about power analysis on this website (for example here and here), the answer provided to this question has outlines the steps to simulating a power ...
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