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What makes a neural network linear? [duplicate]

Two-part question: Neural Networks(NN) can be looked at as stacked units of logistic regression classifiers (LRC). A basic requirement of an activation function is to be non-linear. When LRC is a ...
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Neural Network Linear Activation Functions [duplicate]

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Why use gradient descent for linear regression, when a closed-form math solution is available?

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Do we need gradient descent to find the coefficients of a linear regression model?

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Why are activation functions needed in neural networks? [duplicate]

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What is meant by Expressiveness in neural network?

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Which function can approximated with Neural Networks using only linear activation functions?

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When I do not add an activation function to my convolutional layer the model gets quickly stuck in a local optima, why?

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Why do we need stochastic gradient descent when we can precompute certain results in batch gradient descent?

I have read that batch gradient descent forces this summation at every step of the update, which makes it time consuming. But if we have the following hypothesis function: $$h(x^i) = w_0 + w_1x^i$$ ...
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