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The difference between the Frequentist, Bayesian and Fisherian appraoches to statistical inference [duplicate]

I'm just trying to get my head around the differences between these three approaches to statistical inference. I'm just not entirely sure what the significant differences are between the three.
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What is Bayesian and Monte Carlo Simulation? [duplicate]

Can someone explain in plain language for a layperson what are Bayesian and Monte Carlo simulations and the relationship between the two? I thought Bayesian was the same as Monte Carlo Simulation...
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Does bayesians' critique to frequentists apply to themselves too?

I've been reading about bayesians versus frequentists, including articles in this forum (like this one). Key is of course the issue of "priors". The bayesian critique being that frequentists ...
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What to do with important features?

I am currently solving the titanic problem in kaggle. The data of the problem consists of several features such as "sex", "class in society", etc., and you are to predict whether a person survived the ...
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