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Bayesian vs. frequentist view [duplicate]

I have tried to figure out the difference between the two views of looking at the world: Bayesian and frequentist. Can someone please let me know if I have it right? (Please do not refer me to some ...
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Probabilistic (Bayesian) vs Optimisation (Frequentist) methods in Machine Learning [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Bayesian and frequentist reasoning in plain English A very similar question was posed on stats.SE: Bayesian and frequentist reasoning in plain English, which provoked some ...
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Is there a way to remember the definitions of Type I and Type II Errors?

I'm not a statistician by education, I'm a software engineer. Yet statistics comes up a lot. In fact, questions specifically about Type I and Type II error are coming up a lot in the course of my ...
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Clarification on interpreting confidence intervals?

My current understanding of the notion "confidence interval with confidence level $1 - \alpha$" is that if we tried to calculate the confidence interval many times (each time with a fresh sample), it ...
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Bayesian vs frequentist Interpretations of Probability

Can someone give a good rundown of the differences between the Bayesian and the frequentist approach to probability? From what I understand: The frequentists view is that the data is a repeatable ...
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What is Bayes' theorem all about?

What are the main ideas, that is, concepts related to Bayes' theorem? I am not asking for any derivations of complex mathematical notation.
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Is there more to probability than Bayesianism?

As a student in physics, I have experienced the "Why I am a Bayesian" lecture perhaps half a dozen times. It is always the same -- the presenter smugly explains how the Bayesian interpretation is ...
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Relation between MAP, EM, and MLE

I am a beginner in machine learning. I can do programming fine but the theory confuses me a lot of the times. What is the relation between Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE), Maximum A posteriori (...
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Why would perfectly similar data have 0 mutual information?

I'm not a statistic major, so my knowledge of statistics is quite limited but I've found myself in need of learning about and using mutual information. I believe I understand the concept and formula, ...
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Bayesian logit model - intuitive explanation?

I must confess that I previously haven't heard of that term in any of my classes, undergrad or grad. What does it mean for a logistic regression to be Bayesian? I'm looking for an explanation with a ...
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Bayesian AB testing

I am running an AB Test on a page that receives only 5k visits per month. It would take too long to reach traffic levels necessary to measure a +-1% difference between the test and control. I have ...
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When (and why) do Bayesians reject valid Bayesian methods? [closed]

From what I have read and from answers to other questions I have asked here, many so-called frequentist methods correspond mathematically (I don't care if they correspond philosophically, I only care ...
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How to apply Bayes' theorem to the search for a fisherman lost at sea

The article The Odds, Continually Updated mentions the story of a Long Island fisherman who literally owes his life to Bayesian Statistics. Here's the short version: There are two fishermen on a ...
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Predicting future values with a regression model

I have a set of predictor variables and a target variable. I am really confused with regards to what method to use for forecasting the target variable. For example, my data set has monthly customer ...
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If I only have a range, is it acceptable to calculate an average out of it?

Supposed I have only this data point available: Concentration = (1.1 - 2.0 g/L). Is it acceptable to conclude : ...
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