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What is meant by a "random variable"?

What do they mean when they say "random variable"?
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What is the difference between a consistent estimator and an unbiased estimator?

What is the difference between a consistent estimator and an unbiased estimator? The precise technical definitions of these terms are fairly complicated, and it's difficult to get an intuitive feel ...
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Intuitive explanation of the bias-variance tradeoff?

I am looking for an intuitive explanation of the bias-variance tradeoff, both in general and specifically in the context of linear regression.
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When is a biased estimator preferable to unbiased one?

It's obvious many times why one prefers an unbiased estimator. But, are there any circumstances under which we might actually prefer a biased estimator over an unbiased one?
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What is the relation between estimator and estimate?

What is the relation between estimator and estimate?
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What is the difference between Mean Squared Deviation and Variance?

I am doing some tutoring for an AS-Level maths student and unfortunately for me they are doing statistics. This is not my strong point, mainly from the point of view of remembering all of the ...
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When are OLS linear regression parameters inaccurate?

Q1: Show quantitatively that OLS regression can be applied inconsistently for linear parameters estimation. OLS in y returns a minimum error regression line for estimating y-values given a fixed x-...
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Binary classification and target-label proportion

Suppose that we have a binary classification problem with a vector y = [1 1 0 1 0 0 1 ... 0] having the proportion: ...
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Empirical Implications of Unbiased Estimators

I am familiar with the layperson explanation of an unbiased estimator as follows: if we repeat an experiment under identical conditions many times, the average value of the estimate will be close to ...
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What is difference between statistical bias and common sense bias [closed]

Colloquially, a statistic may be described as “biased” if it misrepresents whatever it’s intended to represent, whether or not it was more likely a priori to err in one direction or another. (This ...
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Unbiasedness property under trimmed data

Suppose we want to estimate a simple regression model by OLS and the selected model is the true model. Randomly trimming data does not change the unbiasedness property of the coefficient. However, ...
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