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How can you have a non-significant multiple regression model w/ significant predictors? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Not-significant F but a significant coefficient in multiple linear regression How can a regression be significant yet all predictors be non-significant? Significance of ...
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p-value of t-test versus F-test(joint hypothesis) [duplicate]

SAS code : ...
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Why R is not significant (and very low), while all predictors are significant? [duplicate]

I used a network logistic regression to regress five predictors against a dependent. They are all significant, instead the R is not significant and it's even very low. I can understand that it may be ...
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How to explain the phenomenon that each coefficient is significant in multiple regression but not significant as simple regression [duplicate]

We know that in linear regression, when each coefficient is not significant in multiple regression but significant as a simple regression, it is most likely the reason of ...
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F test fails but t-test does not? [duplicate]

I'm a bit confused about this. I have a model with multiple variables trying to explain the dependent variable. When I use the F test, I don't pass the critical value. But when I seperate the ...
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Why is it possible to get insignificant F statistic (p>0.1) but significant regressor t-tests (p<0.1)? [duplicate]

My results show significant t-tests but an insignificant F-test. Is this possible or are my calculations wrong?
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Insignificant OLS results but significant IV regression results [duplicate]

I do a regression (Y is a dependent variable and X is an independent variable) OLS gets insignificant results, while the IV regression gets significant results. I based on literature to suggest X is ...
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Can an F-Test be worse than the two single T-Tests? [duplicate]

Normally when conducting an F-Test one is hoping the F-Test of all variables is significant although the single T-Tests yield insignificant results. But can the reverse also be true? That is a worse ...
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SPSS Output - My Omnibus Test is insignificant, but I have significant predictors [duplicate]

I ran a binary-logistic regression in SPSS. Block 1 shows that the Omnibus Tests of Model Coefficients is insignificant for step, block and model, p =1.06. However, I have two significant predictors ...
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What is your favorite "data analysis" cartoon?

Data analysis cartoons can be useful for many reasons: they help communicate; they show that quantitative people have a sense of humor too; they can instigate good teaching moments; and they can help ...
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Why is it possible to get significant F statistic (p<.001) but non-significant regressor t-tests?

In a multiple linear regression, why is it possible to have a highly significant F statistic (p<.001) but have very high p-values on all the regressor's t tests? In my model, there are 10 ...
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What are the myths associated with linear regression, data transformations?

I have been encountering many assumptions associated with linear regression (especially ordinary least squares regression) which are untrue or unnecessary. For example: independent variables must ...
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Simulation of logistic regression power analysis - designed experiments

This question is in response to an answer given by @Greg Snow in regards to a question I asked concerning power analysis with logistic regression and SAS ...
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Multiple linear regression for hypothesis testing

I am familiar with using multiple linear regressions to create models of various variables. However, I was curious if regression tests are ever used to do any sort of basic hypothesis testing. If so, ...
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multiple regression and multiple comparisons

Say I fit a multiple regression of p explanatory variables. The t-test will allow me to check if any single one of those is significant ($H_0: \beta_i = 0$). I can do a partial F-test to check if some ...
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