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How to report data for an entire population? [duplicate]

I am conducting a descriptive study, and I am using the entire population in my study and not a sample. I understand that everything I am reporting is a population parameter at this point. However, ...
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regression models for population [duplicate]

I have data on the entirety of a certian population (not a sample). I would like to conduct a multivariate analysis for this data. The data consists of an interval dependent variable and interval and ...
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Confidence Intervals for Population Estimates: Just In Case? [duplicate]

I was thinking about the following question today: Suppose I visit a university and want to determine the average height of a student at this university. Let's say I spend the whole week at the ...
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When regression is run on population [duplicate]

I have a small population and it is possible to estimate Population regression function from the data. The size of the population is very small. It is only eight. I think since the regression ...
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Can we apply inferential statistics on the entire population? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Statistical inference when the sample “is” the population Greeting, My question is:Can we apply inferential statistics on the entire population in case of the possibilty to ...
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How to check significant change in the actual population, not sample [duplicate]

I'm trying to understand how I would decide whether a policy actually had a meaningful impact by comparing the population itself, not samples. An example that comes to mind is comparing the number of ...
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Analysing the entire population [duplicate]

I am performing an analysis in which the unit of analysis is a geographical area (more precisely, an LSOA). This is a case when the sample analysed can represent the entire population (all 32000+ ...
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How to interpret a meta-analytic Confidence Interval through the lens of Frequentism [duplicate]

In a single study, a researcher can obtain a relevant summary statistic, and construct an $x$% confidence interval for that summary statistic. Under the frequentist framework, this obtained confidence ...
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Does significance in correlations matter when I have data for the population? [duplicate]

I am investigating factors that influence how certain areas have intensified over time in a city. There are twenty five areas which represent all of these types of area in the city. I am using ...
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Should I use null hypothesis significance testing when I have the full population? [duplicate]

I have data on every species in a genus, and am interested in how two factors relate to each other specifically within that genus. Should I use a statistical test to do this or does it not make sense? ...
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Does it make sense to use a hypothesis test with population data rather than a sample? [duplicate]

I have recently been learning statistics from the ground up (for context I am an engineer by training with no formal education in statistics/probability). I have seen various hypothesis tests: z-test, ...
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Statistics interview questions

I am looking for some statistics (and probability, I guess) interview questions, from the most basic through the more advanced. Answers are not necessary (although links to specific questions on this ...
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Strategy to deal with rare events logistic regression

I would like to study rare events in a finite population. Since I am unsure about which strategy is best suited, I would appreciate tips and references related to this matter, although I am well-aware ...
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Advantages and disadvantages of using population and samples for statistics

I need to know the advantages and disadvantages of using a sample or a population to collect data. I understand what a sample is and what a population is, but I do not know what the advantages and ...
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Why bootstrapping?

I understood that bootstrapping is a technique used to estimate statistics of a population. In bootstrapping we take many samples of chosen size, estimate statistics and obtain the mean of these ...
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