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Under what conditions does correlation imply causation?

We all know the mantra "correlation does not imply causation" which is drummed into all first year statistics students. There are some nice examples here to illustrate the idea. But sometimes ...
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Can you infer causality from correlation in this example of dictator game?

I've just had en exam where we were presented with two variables. In a dictator game where a dictator is given 100 USD, and can choose how much to send or keep for himself, there was a positive ...
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Under which assumptions a regression can be interpreted causally?

First, don't panic. Yes, there are many similar question on this site. But I believe none gives a conclusive answer to the question below. Please bear with me. Consider a data generation process $\...
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Difference Between Simultaneous Equation Model and Structural Equation Model

Can anybody please help me to understand what are the differences between Simultaneous Equation Model and Structural Equation Model (SEM)? It will be great if somebody can provide me some literature ...
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How would econometricians answer the objections and recommendations raised by Chen and Pearl (2013)?

In their article, Chen and Pearl (2013), critically examined 6 econometric textbooks, among these the textbooks written by Wooldridge (2009) {the introductory book}, and Stock & Watson (2011). ...
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Are all statistical models also causal models?

I'm just starting to learn about causal inference methods, focused on Pearl's do-calculus. So the point between Pearl's causal graphs and rules for manipulating causal graphs appears to be to turn a ...
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Monty Hall problem and causality

The Monty Hall paradox is well known, even in this site there are several discussion about it (for example: How can I apply Monty Hall problem correctly? ; Monty hall problem, getting different ...
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Potential Outcome (PO) vs Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)

Recently I encountered this article of Prof. Imbens ( It address the capabilities of DAGs for causal inference in comparison with PO. I’m interested in opinions ...
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Causal discovery for pairwise independent joint dependent variables

Consider the standard example for variables that are pairwise independent but joint dependent. $$ (x,y,z)= \begin{cases} (0,0,0) & \text{probability 1/4} \\ (1,1,0) & \text{probability 1/4} \\ ...
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D separation from Spirtes paper

Hi, i've been trying to learn d-separation and came across this figure in figure 4 (page 9) of Spirtes paper and i am a bit confuse. In the paper, Spirtes says X4 is not d-separated from X1 given ...
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