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raw residual in GLM does not make sense? [duplicate]

The raw residual is defined as $r_i = y_i - \hat{y}_i$. Why raw residual does not make sense in GLM? Why do we have to standardize it to Pearson residuals?
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Interpretation of plot (glm.model)

Can anyone tell me how to interpret the 'residuals vs fitted', 'normal q-q', 'scale-location', and 'residuals vs leverage' plots? I am fitting a binomial GLM, saving it and then plotting it.
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Interpreting residual diagnostic plots for glm models?

I am looking for guidelines on how to interpret residual plots of glm models. Especially poisson, negative binomial, binomial models. What can we expect from these plots when the models are "correct"...
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Log-linked Gamma GLM vs log-linked Gaussian GLM vs log-transformed LM

From my results, it appears that GLM Gamma meets most assumptions, but is it a worthwhile improvement over the log-transformed LM? Most literature I've found deals with Poisson or Binomial GLMs. I ...
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What to do with GLM (Gamma) when residuals are not normally distributed?

Until now I have only done very basic/simple simple stats, but now I got stuck in all the literature/tips/forums ... It's about the following problem: I have the following data: ...
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Why do qq-plots appear to show normal residuals from a GAM when the underlying distribution is not normal?

Say you do this in R: g <- rgamma(5000, 4) t <- rt(5000, 5) So, now you've got data from the gamma and $t$-...
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GLM diagnostics and Deviance residual

From my understanding, the deviance residual of a GLM model, when plotted against the fitted values, should give a scatterplot distributed with mean 0 and constant variance? Does this hold for any GLM ...
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Should I use a linear mixed model or a generalized mixed model?

I have a test dataset with repeated measures, different individuals sampled at different time points, here measured in days. I want to know if I should use a GLMM or a LMM to see how well, if at all, ...
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Interpretation of two residual QQ plots from poisson regression [duplicate]

I have what I believe are an interesting QQ plot of the residuals of some sports data fitted using Poisson regression. My model is actually a live model to predict the number of remaining events in ...
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Why doesn't a binomial GLM successfully fix violated assumptions of simulated binomial data?

I generated binomial data showing a logistic correlation to a predictor. I analysed such dataset with a generalised linear model which assumes a binomial distribution of residuals and a "logit&...
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In what context are residuals from a plot important? [duplicate]

Plot with residual I have a plot that has residuals vertically dashed to the regression line. I also am using the function resid to derive all residuals. I am not entirely sure what good is finding ...
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