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Controlling for baseline in pre-post between design: using $\Delta(T_2-T_1)$ or controlling for T1 in the regression model (or both)? [duplicate]

I have a mixed between-within design, with three groups and Pre (T1) and Post (T2) measurements. I'm hesitating on the right statistical analyses to do, but I would like to compare each group to the ...
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Which test to use in a single group pre- and post-treatment analysis [duplicate]

I am attempting to analyse pre-existing data (using SPSS). I have one group of participants, 4 quantitative, non-parametric outcome measures, and am looking to see if there is a change in outcomes ...
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Experiment with two groups, pre- and post- treatment assessments [duplicate]

I am conducting an experiment with a control group and a treatment group. Both groups will take a pre and post treatment depression inventory. What statistical procedure do I use to determine if the ...
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Pre-post test with control group [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Best practice when analysing pre-post treatment-control designs I'm doing an action research study with 2 of my classes: 1 is the 'treatment' class and the other is the '...
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Difference Score as Outcome Variable [duplicate]

I am trying to evaluate the effect of a certain policy on the achievement gains of students between two points in time. However, not all the students are exposed to this policy. I am supposed to use ...
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Which statistical test to use using pretest and post test data? [duplicate]

I am trying to analyze data which there were two groups, control and treatment. Both groups were given a pre-test and post-test. The control group received differentiated instruction and the control ...
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Help with pretest-postest data analysis [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Best practice when analysing pre-post treatment-control designs Is it acceptable to use ANOVA to analyze pre-test/post-test differences in two groups, or would it be better to ...
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Which test should I use for this? [duplicate]

I have two groups (A and B), observed on day 0 and day 7. On each group there are 10 observations. So 2 x 2 x 10 = 40 results on my dataset. I want to find out if the control factor between group A ...
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ANOVA, ANCOVA & covariates [duplicate]

so i am proposing to conduct a study on indirect contact as an intervention for stigma reduction in a police population. My IV is the intervention with two levels (intervention group and control ...
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What statistical tools can I use to evaluate this data? [duplicate]

I recently performed an experiment to implement Gamification (a simple points system) into a web application to see if the points had an effect on the users in terms of usage. We have data on how ...
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Statistical test to use? [duplicate]

I am currently conducting a quantitative experimental research wherein 2 groups will be my participants. The research aims to determine whether or not Code-Switching is an effective tool to achieve ...
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Is it valid to include a baseline measure as control variable when testing the effect of an independent variable on change scores?

I am attempting to run an OLS regression: DV: Change in weight over a year (initial weight - end weight) IV: Whether or not you exercise. However, it seems reasonable that heavier people will lose ...
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Is statistical insignificance fatal?

I apologize if this question has been done to death, but as a non-statistician I really don't know what is the bottom line takeaway. I am looking at a sample of 30,000 individuals who were the subject ...
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ANCOVA or repeated measures ANOVA?

I have 3 groups randomised to intervention A or B or control. Participants were measured pre and post intervention - should I use repeated measures ANOVA or ANCOVA with the variable measure at time 1 ...
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Is it valid to use a difference score as an independent variable in a regression analysis

I would like to see if the difference in the number of BPD symptoms from baseline to follow-up two years later can predict psychosocial functioning at the 2 year follow-up. So I wanted to do a linear ...
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