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Three questions about the article "Ditch p-values. Use Bootstrap confidence intervals instead"

I am not a statistician by training and I was asked by students to explain them an article called "Ditch p-values. Use Bootstrap confidence intervals instead" . The author seems a prominent ...
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Does a confidence interval actually provide a measure of the uncertainty of a parameter estimate?

I was reading a blog post by the statistician William Briggs, and the following claim interested me to say the least. What do you make of it? What is a confidence interval? It is an equation, of ...
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Why are 0.05 < p < 0.95 results called false positives?

Edit: The basis of my question is flawed, and I need to spend some time figuring out whether it can even be made to make sense. Edit 2: Clarifying that I recognize that a p-value isn't a direct ...
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If the likelihood principle clashes with frequentist probability then do we discard one of them?

In a comment recently posted here one commenter pointed to a blog by Larry Wasserman who points out (without any sources) that frequentist inference clashes with the likelihood principle. The ...
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Use of Relative Likelihoods in Statistics?

I am reading this article here on Confidence Intervals for Binomial Proportions ( In this article, the author lists several different methods (e.g. ...
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Discrete functions: Confidence interval coverage?

How to calculate discrete interval coverage? What I know how to do: If I had a continuous model, I could define a 95% confidence interval for each of my predicted values, and then see how often the ...
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Confidence interval for Uniform($\theta$, $\theta + a$)

I am encountering a difficulty with the following task. Have I made a mistake, or is this an inherent flaw in the notion of confidence intervals? (Other such flaws exist.) Consider a random sample $...
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What should everyone know about Confidence Interval?

I know this could be considered naive. But the fact is that I'm a computer Science student who have done introductory course in data analysis (Coursera) and a Econometrics I course at my University. ...
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frequentist coverage, and besides?

One day I gave a $95\%$-confidence interval to a requester who know nothing about statistics. He asked me what does it mean. Roughly, I answered "The population parameter is inside the interval $95\%$ ...
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Boston University School of Public Health web page on confidence intervals [duplicate]

I'm wondering about the correctness of the Boston University School of Public Health's web page on confidence intervals, particularly the interpretations. For example, specific interpretation ...
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Interpreting bootstrap CIs

Are central values in a bootstrap confidence interval more likely for the population parameter concerned than the values near the boundaries? This interpretation applies to parametric CIs but does it ...
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Are there any circumstances under which a confidence interval can be interpreted as a likelihood interval? What are they?

I read the answers provided to the question "are all values in a 95% confidence interval equally likely?". These answers raise questions for me regarding interpretation. I have read that under ...
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