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I am learning about the normal distribution and was watching this video. At 6:28, the question imposed is what is the probability of an ice-cream weighing exactly 120 grams (using the normal ...
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Why geom_density is showing me values higher than 1 in the density plot? How to change it into fraction? And my code used to generate the plot ...
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Can the likelihood take values outside of the range [0, 1]? [duplicate]

I got a log-likelihood value of -34.82, so I am not getting whether the answer which I have got is right or not. Can the likelihood take values outside of the range $[0, 1]$?
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What does the y axis in a kernel density plot mean? [duplicate]

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Difference between density and probability [duplicate]

What is the difference between the density and probability? I have tried R in which I can use both pnorm and dnorm for the ...
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Kernel density estimate takes values larger than 1 [duplicate]

I am using scipy.stats.gaussian_kde to estimate a pdf for some data. The problem is that the resulting pdf takes values larger than 1. As far as I understand, this ...
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In R, what does a probability density function compute? [duplicate]

I understand that the probability density function, pdf, of a continuous random variable is the probability of the variable taking on a given value. I also thought that for a continuous random ...
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Can log likelihood funcion be positive [duplicate]

I have a mixture data. I used EM to estimate the model parameters. When I calculate the log likelihood function, I found that the values is positive. So, is that ok. Can the log likelihood function ...
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What do we exactly mean by "density" in Probability Density function (PDF)? [duplicate]

In general density is mass/volume. Also it's used for something like population density, which is population/unit area. What is significance of word density in PDF?
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Interpreting Gaussian probabilities greater than 1 [duplicate]

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My density plot in R has values beyond 1! How can I fix this? [duplicate]

I'm trying to plot a generalized pareto distribution with fixed initial values "scale" and "shape" to a random sequence of numbers. When I produce the plot with scale=1 and shape=1, I get the density ...
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What is the difference between dexp and pexp [duplicate]

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Why `Density plot` peak value is higher than 1? [duplicate]

Why the peak of density plot in the data given below is higher than 1? Shouldn't it be below 1? ...
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Beta distribution and normalization [duplicate]

Here in the 4 pictures in the last answer, is the vertical axe the probability? I.e. it seems to me that it is somewhat unnormalized : it has the value 2 in the 2nd picture and 3 in the 3rd picture. ...
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Why does my posterior distribution have probability values greater than 1? [duplicate]

I'm attempting to learn Bayesian modelling with PyMC, so I have been going through Cam Pilon Davidson's Probabilistic Programming for Hackers. I literally copied his code from chapter 1 and used my ...
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