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Understanding the math behind linear discriminant analysis [duplicate]

I am trying to understand Eigenfaces Vs. Fisherfaces: Recognition Using Class Specific Linear Projection paper. It uses PCA and further uses LDA for dimensionality reduction. I have read about ...
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Interpreting LDA graph in R [duplicate]

I am trying to carry out linear discriminant analysis and plot the results graphically: ...
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Is there an intuitive interpretation of $A^TA$ for a data matrix $A$?

For a given data matrix $A$ (with variables in columns and data points in rows), it seems like $A^TA$ plays an important role in statistics. For example, it is an important part of the analytical ...
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What is the relationship between regression and linear discriminant analysis (LDA)?

Is there a relationship between regression and linear discriminant analysis (LDA)? What are their similarities and differences? Does it make any difference if there are two classes or more than two ...
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Three versions of discriminant analysis: differences and how to use them

Can anybody explain differences and give specific examples how to use these three analyses? LDA - Linear Discriminant Analysis FDA - Fisher's Discriminant Analysis QDA - Quadratic Discriminant ...
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How does linear discriminant analysis reduce the dimensions?

There are words from "The Elements of Statistical Learning" on page 91: The K centroids in p-dimensional input space span at most K-1 dimensional subspace, and if p is much larger than K, this ...
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How LDA, a classification technique, also serves as dimensionality reduction technique like PCA

In this article , the author links linear discriminant analysis (LDA) to principal component analysis (PCA). With my limited knowledge, I am not able to follow how LDA can be somewhat similar to PCA. ...
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Why is Python's scikit-learn LDA not working correctly and how does it compute LDA via SVD?

I was using the Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) from the scikit-learn machine learning library (Python) for dimensionality reduction and was a little bit curious ...
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How is MANOVA related to LDA?

In several places I saw a claim that MANOVA is like ANOVA plus linear discriminant analysis (LDA), but it was always made in a hand-waving sort of way. I would like to know what exactly it is supposed ...
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Linear discriminant analysis and Bayes rule: classification

What is the relation between Linear discriminant analysis and Bayes rule? I understand that LDA is used in classification by trying to minimize the ratio of within group variance and between group ...
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Can the scaling values in a linear discriminant analysis (LDA) be used to plot explanatory variables on the linear discriminants?

Using a biplot of values obtained through principal component analysis, it is possible to explore the explanatory variables that make up each principle component. Is this also possible with Linear ...
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What are "coefficients of linear discriminants" in LDA?

In R, I use lda function from library MASS to do classification. As I understand LDA, input $...
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Standardizing features when using LDA as a pre-processing step

If a multi-class Linear Discriminant Analysis (or I also read Multiple Discriminant Analysis sometimes) is used for dimensionality reduction (or transformation after dimensionality reduction via PCA), ...
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Proportion of explained variance in PCA and LDA

I have some basic questions regarding PCA (principal component analysis) and LDA (linear discriminant analysis): In PCA there is a way to calculate the proportion of variance explained. Is it also ...
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Sources' seeming disagreement on linear, quadratic and Fisher's discriminant analysis

I'm studying discriminant analysis, but I'm having a difficult time reconciling several different explanations. I believe I must be missing something, because I've never encountered this (seeming) ...
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