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Discrepency between p value and confidence interval in glm [duplicate]

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Calculating confidence intervals for a logistic regression

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Different ways to produce a confidence interval for odds ratio from logistic regression

I am studying how to construct a 95% confidence interval for odds ratio from the coefficients obtained in the logistic regression. So, considering the logistic regression model, $$ \log\left(\frac{p}{...
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What method is used to calculate confidence intervals in R's MASS package function confint.glm?

What method is used to calculate confidence intervals in R's MASS package function confint.glm? The helpfile states that: ...
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Why do I get a negative chi-squared value in my type III ANOVA output for my binomial GLM?

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statistical significance of A B test if some observation are removed due to errors

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Dealing with quasi-complete separation in General Additive Model?

I am modelling influence of fire on occurrence of certain bird species (count response variable) in Before/after control/impact experiment design. I've got intact and burned sites and count data both ...
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Logistic regression: variable coefficient is statistically significant but not statistically significant as an exponentiated odds ratio?

As mentioned in the title. I came across this instance using GLM in R. Is this an error? EDIT: The p-value of the coefficient was calculated by GLM in R and is less than 0.05. I then plotted the odds ...
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How can I calculate confidence intervals of a probability obtained by my logistic regression model?

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Differences between P value and confidence interval for calculated OR

I have returned to a piece of work and was re-running some statistical analysis. I found differences in the P values (which is > 0.05) and OR confidence intervals which was greater than 1. Is there ...
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Calculating confidence intervals for coefficients in ordinal logistic regression

I've fitted an ordinal logistic regression model in R using MASS::polr and I am looking to compute confidence intervals for the fitted coefficients. Here is the (...
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How to calculate the Std. Error of estimates and 95% Confidence interval of the odds ratio of the logit model?

For a simple data set: ...
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Can't reproduce confint profile likelihood results

I'm trying to follow this answer here and the linked paper. But I can't seem to get the same results as the confint gives. Sometimes I get something very simmilar, ...
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