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Examples for teaching: Correlation does not mean causation

There is an old saying: "Correlation does not mean causation". When I teach, I tend to use the following standard examples to illustrate this point: number of storks and birth rate in Denmark; number ...
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Criticism of Pearl's theory of causality

In the year 2000, Judea Pearl published Causality. What controversies surround this work? What are its major criticisms?
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Statistics and causal inference?

In his 1984 paper "Statistics and Causal Inference", Paul Holland raised one of the most fundamental questions in statistics: What can a statistical model say about causation? This led to his ...
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Under which assumptions a regression can be interpreted causally?

First, don't panic. Yes, there are many similar question on this site. But I believe none gives a conclusive answer to the question below. Please bear with me. Consider a data generation process $\...
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Does simple linear regression imply causation?

I know correlation does not imply causation but instead the strength and direction of the relationship. Does simple linear regression imply causation? Or is an inferential (t-test, etc.) statistical ...
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Does Correlation "Sometimes" Imply Causality? [duplicate]

I am an MBA student taking courses in statistics. I am sure that at some point, we have all heard the famous expression - "Correlation Does Not Imply Causality". When we are being introduced ...
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Regression and causality in econometrics

In regression in general and in linear regression in particular, causal interpretation of parameters is sometimes permitted. At least in econometrics literature, but not only, when causal ...
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Correlation without Causation

I know the famous expression "correlation does not imply causation". In a DAG, this situation might look like $$ X \leftarrow U \rightarrow Y $$ Here even though $X$ and $Y$ are not causally ...
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Correlation, regression and causal modeling

This is probably a blindingly obvious answer for any seasoned statistician, but I am still confused as to how correlation differs from regression, technically. I understand that one is a measure of ...
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Does correlation correlate with causation?

Correlation does not imply causation, but causation causes correlation. By correlation I do not mean exclusively linear correlation, it could be arbitrarily shaped, as long as it is consistent and ...
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Difference between experimental data and observational data?

I'm a novice to data mining and started to read about it. What's the exact difference between experimental data and observation data? Both are obviously data; and many say observation data can lead to ...
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Does autocorrelation imply temporal dependence?

It is always said that a time series should be stationary for forecasting using classical methods. While converting a time series to stationary, we detrend and deseasonalize the time series. Does this ...
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Determining causality from a natural experiment

Suppose I thought that ingesting greater than 100 mg of chemical X annually noticeably decreased one's weight. Also, I had data (from a "natural" experiment) from 100 people (some male and some female)...
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Suppose that $R^2=0$ . Does this imply that Y and X are unrelated? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Under what conditions does correlation imply causation? Can somebody illustrate how there can be dependence and zero covariance? Or could there still be a relationship? Is ...
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Why does presence of sample correlation violate independence assumption? [duplicate]

Consider the data from this website. They present the attached graph and state "It is clear that children who get more correct in the D0 condition tend to get more correct in the D60 condition. ...
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