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How to transform a set of negative values to obtain a normal distribution? [duplicate]

I am having quite a few problems with transforming a set of data with values between -1 and 0, as I need to normalise them. I tried to use the following formulae: [(𝑥−min(𝑥))/(max(𝑥)−min(𝑥))] AND ...
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Statistics interview questions

I am looking for some statistics (and probability, I guess) interview questions, from the most basic through the more advanced. Answers are not necessary (although links to specific questions on this ...
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How robust is ANOVA to violations of normality?

I have several dependant variables that are non normal in distribution: Kolmogorov-Smirnov test is significant, skewness ranges up to 8 for some variable, and kurtosis is generally about 2 but in a ...
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Normality test for repeated measures data

I've measured the motor function of the same subjects (n=6) over 7 different time points. I would like to know whether the mean motor function varies significantly with time (day 1 versus day 2 etc) ...
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Should I use Kruskal-Wallis or Anova?

I'm trying to see if the weight of 9 different groups of people are the same using ANOVA. Then I have a dataset with almost 3000 observations and two variables basically Group: $1,2,\dots,9$ Weight: ...
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Two-way ANOVA when data is non-normally distributed

I'm trying to run a two-way ANOVA on a 375-sized dataset. I'm trying to navigate my way through the assumptions but need some assistance. Specifically, I have two groups as the IVs (1: Boys and Girls; ...
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Non-normal distribution in anova - a big problem or not

Please don't close my question, it really is not a duplicate, no other answer on this forum is relevant to my case. Also, I have been advised that if I submit the spss output of my non-normally ...
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Normal distribution assumptions in ANOVA vs. Linear Regression

I don't get it. I am planning to conduct a 2x2 between-subjects measurement with a sample size of 30 per cell, hence four groups that I want to test for the difference. Is there a difference in the ...
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Methods for comparing two dissimilarity matrices

I have run cgMLST on E. coli isolates, then i ran the resulting allele labels through the "daisy" function in R with the "gower" setting to generate a dissimilarity matrix. I have subsets of isolates ...
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Two-way ANOVA with repeated measures and random effect and assumptions violated

I am trying to run a two-way ANOVA in JMP where I have the following variables- Fixed effects: 1. Genotype (categorical) 2. Temperature (categorical) Random effect: 1. Subject (animal) I am using ...
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Normality within cells and non normality of residuals

In testing for the normality assumption for 2 way ANOVA, the question whether normality within cells implies normality of residuals has been asked before and I have found so far different answers from ...
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Can you justify this very common (but seldom discussed) treatment of $p$-values?

This is a question about a seemingly illogical approach to hypothesis testing and p-value interpretation that I find almost universally endorsed. I’ll cite the answers at Can I trust ANOVA results ...
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Normal and non-normal distribution of data?

I am quite an amateur in statistics. I have data where I would like to test if I can perform parametric or non-parametric testing depending on if the data is normally distributed or not. The data has ...
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2 factorial experiment (2 by 3). DV is NOT normally distributed

I just conducted an 2 factorial experiment that has 6 conditions (2 by 3). Specifically, my design is: IV1 = prior positive information (positive in A domain vs. control vs. positive in B domain) IV2 =...
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if I have a variable in my data that is not normally distributed, could I still use an ANOVA if my sample size is large enough?

I have a sample size that is more than 30 but one of my continuous variables is not normally distributed. The Shapiro-Willk test does say that my data is not normally distributed. I am going to ...
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