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Are corrections for multiple comparisons necessary in GLMs? [duplicate]

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Algorithms for automatic model selection

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Is adjusting p-values in a multiple regression for multiple comparisons a good idea?

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Look and you shall find (a correlation)

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Significance contradiction in linear regression: significant t-test for a coefficient vs non-significant overall F-statistic

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Estimating $b_1 x_1+b_2 x_2$ instead of $b_1 x_1+b_2 x_2+b_3x_3$

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Methods to predict multiple dependent variables

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What might be a clear, practical definition for a "family of hypotheses" (with respect to familywise error rate)?

When trying to evaluate what constitutes a family of hypotheses within an experiment/project/analysis, I've found "similar in purpose" and "similar in content" given as guidelines for delimiting ...
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What is the best statistical tool to use for analyzing the relationship between multiple Ordinal IVs and a single Nominal DV?

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