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Machine Learning VS Statistical Learning vs Statistics [duplicate]

I have seen posts about the difference between ML and Statistics. And I have also seen posts explaining that Statistical Learning is a statistical approach to ML. But then, this is confusing because ...
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What is the definition of machine learning (vs classical statistics), and can methods such as MCMC and bootstrapping be considered ML? [duplicate]

I'm in the process of writing about the differences between machine learning and classical statistics. I've been looking for some authoritative sources that would give a good, clear, plain-English ...
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statistical regression vs machine learning regression [duplicate]

I was trying to understand the difference between statistical regression VS machine learning regression. My background is from Economics and learned regression from statistical point of view for the ...
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What is the difference between Inference and Machine Learning? [duplicate]

I have seen some classes in my University labeled as an "Inference class" and others as "Machine learning" classes, but I was not sure if appreciated the core difference between these two labelings? ...
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Is Statistics really better at making Relationship Inferences compared to Machine Learning? [duplicate]

First of all: I am a non-statistician who's currently trying to dive deeper into the topic of Data Science, so this question might sound really naive. So, I was wondering about the major distinction ...
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What is so novel about Machine learning in general and nueral network in particular? [duplicate]

To give a brief one-line description of machine learning: It is basically a function approximation given sample and hypothesis class. But this question is already tackled by statisticians (parameter ...
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What is the difference between data mining, statistics, machine learning and AI?

What is the difference between data mining, statistics, machine learning and AI? Would it be accurate to say that they are 4 fields attempting to solve very similar problems but with different ...
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What is a data scientist?

Having recently graduated from my PhD program in statistics, I had for the last couple of months began searching for work in the field of statistics. Almost every company I considered had a job ...
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In linear regression, when is it appropriate to use the log of an independent variable instead of the actual values?

Am I looking for a better behaved distribution for the independent variable in question, or to reduce the effect of outliers, or something else?
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When should linear regression be called "machine learning"?

In a recent colloquium, the speaker's abstract claimed they were using machine learning. During the talk, the only thing related to machine learning was that they perform linear regression on their ...
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Practical thoughts on explanatory vs. predictive modeling

Back in April, I attended a talk at the UMD Math Department Statistics group seminar series called "To Explain or To Predict?". The talk was given by Prof. Galit Shmueli who teaches at UMD's Smith ...
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Pandas / Statsmodel / Scikit-learn

Are Pandas, Statsmodels and Scikit-learn different implementations of machine learning/statistical operations, or are these complementary to one another? Which of these has the most comprehensive ...
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What is the difference between data mining and statistical analysis?

What is the difference between data mining and statistical analysis? For some background, my statistical education has been, I think, rather traditional. A specific question is posited, research is ...
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What is the 'fundamental' idea of machine learning for estimating parameters?

The 'fundamental' idea of statistics for estimating parameters is maximum likelihood. I am wondering what is the corresponding idea in machine learning. Qn 1. Would it be fair to say that the '...
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What is the difference between learning and inference?

Machine learning research papers often treat learning and inference as two separate tasks, but it is not quite clear to me what the distinction is. In this book for example they use Bayesian ...
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