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Analysis of similarities (ANOSIM) is a method of multivariate data analysis widely used by community ecologists. It provides a way to test statistically whether there is a significant difference between two or more groups of sampling units. There is also a R function anosim().

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Anosim vs Permanova: What are their suitability when computing differences between groups?

I am back with more questions, this time about multivariate analysis. As before I am new to this all so apologies in advance if the question is not well formulated. The problem We are trying to ...
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Contradictory results between SIMPER and raw values?

I'm running a comparison of fish species communities between 6 sites at 3 locations (North, East and West) where the sites either have a reef at them (Yes, No). I found a significant effect through an ...
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Unequal sample sizes

I have 11 years of data ranging from May-November. Based off of environmental data, I broke these months into two "seasons". I called these seasons summer (May-September) and fall (October ...
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How to interpret ANOSIM results correctly for the two plots

I am a biologist by training so please excuse my naivety. I generated the ordination diagrams presented here using NMDS on Bray-Curtis dissimilarities. The two diagrams represent communities of moths ...
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Comparing Composition of Samples

I have data on the composition of two different types of animal droppings. There are 15 observations of Animal 1 and 40 observations of Animal 2. I have the makeup of each dropping broken up into ...
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Using ANOSIM or PERMANOVA to abiotics data?

I'm new here and have some doubts. I'm working with a large data set of water quality and want to test for differences between the hydrological stations and between stretches of the river. There is a ...
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Analysis of Similarities (ANOSIM) versus Kruskal-Wallis

What is the difference between the two sets of statistic tests? Which is recommended for finding out if the difference between groups is more significant than within groups, for non-parametric ...
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