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How to use the effects output of a MANOVA model to calculate BLUEs? (without an intercept)

So my team wants a single best linear unbiased estimate (BLUE) using 2 response variables. I have asremlR and here is my code to produce the model: ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Obtain residuals using results post modelling

I trained many (LMM) models (ASReml-R), and wrote over the residual plots I was saving out. This is a univariate model with two explanatory variables, one is binary, the other 0-100. Many dependent ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How do you nest fixed effects in asreml-R?

I have 4 geographic populations which are nested within 2 population types (sympatry vs allopatry). Geographic population 1 and 2 is nested in population type 1 (allopatry), geographic population 3 ...
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My ASReml GLMM is predicting "NA" values for one of my variables, any suggestions on how to fix this? [closed]

My question is: What is the relationship between malaria and schistosomiasis? Therefor, I have plotted this GLMM; ...
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2 votes
1 answer

In a mixed model (asreml), are coefficients and predictions the same?

I am using asreml-R to model genotypic effects of crop field trials and I am confused on how to get best linear unbiased estimates for crop varieties of the model. I've found two different ways how ...
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