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Cumulative Incidence Function given no event before time $t_d$

Suppose we have a simple competing risks model and have a calculated $CIF_K$ for two events $\{k_1, k_2\} \in K$. By definition $CIF_{k_1}(t_i)$ gives us the probability that event $k_1$ has occurred ...
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Conditional logistic regression: correct HR's with competing risks

In competing risk settings, the Cox model gives correct HR's if we censor at other event types (i.e. the Cause Specific Model): ...
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How to combine Cause Specific Hazard model

Lets say I need to model the survival probability for death from heart disease (noted $H$). There is a competing risk in the study which is non-heart disease (noted $NH$). $H$ and $NH$ are competing ...
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