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The Conway-Maxwell-Poisson distribution is a discrete distribution with support over the natural numbers. It has two parameters and can be either over- or underdispersed. It is a member of the exponential family, has the Poisson and geometric distribution as special cases and the Bernoulli distribution as a limiting case.

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Inverse CDF of Conway-Maxwell-Poisson distribution

I am developing a statistical procedure, which requires repeated calculation of a probability density described by the sum of independent CMP and normal variables: $$ X=K+R $$ with $K\sim\mathrm{CMP}(...
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How to simulate from the Conway–Maxwell–Poisson distribution?

I want to run a simulation study and I need to simulate data from the Conway–Maxwell–Poisson distribution. However, it seems like the probability mass function is not available in closed-form, so, I ...
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Mean of the difference of two independent CMP distributions

For self studies I am looking for the mean of of the difference of two independent Conway-Maxwell-Poisson (CMP) distributions. The complete PMF of the difference is not needed, only the mean matters. ...
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Conway-Maxwell-Poisson (CMP) - Coefficient interpretation (Log/IRR)

I'm using the Conway-Maxwell-Poisson (CMP) distribution to model the amount of nouns in a clause (data is under-dispersed). I've run the model using glmmTMB (family= "compois") but I'm ...
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Checking Conway-Maxwell-Poisson model adequacy

I am trying to troubleshoot model adequacy problems for underdispersed count data (number of correct responses in a simple task; dispersion ratio is 0.3) that I modeled with Conway-Maxwell-Poisson. ...
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Is there a common underdispersed discrete distribution with unbounded support for general mean and variance?

I have a mean $\mu$ and a variance $\sigma^2$ with underdispersion, i.e., $\sigma^2<\mu$. Is there a standard discrete distribution with these moments and unbounded-on-the-right support, i.e., ...
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