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d' (also called sensitivity index) is a measure used in signal detection theory to quantify how well a signal can be distinguished from noise.

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A' (A prime) for extreme Hit rates and False Alarms

I am trying to compute the non parametric measure of sensitivity A' according to the following formula reported by Stanislav & Todorov (1999): $$ A'= .5+sign(H-F)*((H-F)^2+abs(H-F))/(4*max(H,F)-4*...
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Can Splithalf Reliability Be Caclulated for an Aggregate Measure?

I have been asked by a journal editor to provide the splithalf reliability for an aggregate dependent variable, d', which is a Signal Detection parameter that captures perceptual sensitivity. However, ...
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ROC curve, d' A' - assumption-free?

In my research I want to know how reliably certain feature of a sentence indicates the class that sentence belongs to. So, according to that feature (=how many elements X they contain), the ...
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d prime correction to use with a low number of trials

I am doing a psycholinguistic experiment, where I want to calculate d’ for each participant’s test scores. In the test, participants listen to 4 familiar words and 8 novel distractor words, and have ...
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Negative D-prime values; use absolute values?

I have calculated D-prime measurements for for a memory performance task. Subjects viewed images that were either old or new and had to indicate their response via a button press. Thus, their response ...
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