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How to decide what is a "good move" or a "bad move" with supervised learning on a game?

Let's take an example game, like connect $4$, which is nice and simple. I know minimax is a super easy algorithm to program here, but let's say instead I wanted to create a Machine Learning model for ...
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How to convert continuous variable dataset into binary discrete values using Chi-Square testing for decision making

I have a dataset that contains continuous values for an attribute ranging from 0 - 100. I want to convert these continuous variables into two discreet values (say Label L1 and Label L2), So that the ...
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Advertisment decision making based on customer past behaviour

Problem description: Every 3 weeks a fashion company sends out an expensive booklet with descriptions of clothes to each customer on their electronic records. There exists a purchase history what each ...
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What is the optimal strategy to invest a limited resource in N uncertain options?

Suppose I have a £100 to invest in 2 options. Each option has a expected value, but the value is unknown. Option A has the highest average expected value, but a bigger uncertainty range. If we just ...
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SVM decision non linear

As I understand, to perform a decision in a non linear case (using a kernel) I use the following: $f(x) = sgn(\sum_{i=1}^{n} y_{i} \alpha_{i} \boldsymbol{k}(x,x_{i})+b)$ Where i=1,..n are the ...
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What is the difference between decision_function, predict_proba, and predict function for logistic regression problem?

I have been going through the sklearn documentation but I am not able to understand the purpose of these functions in the context of logistic regression. For ...
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