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1 answer

Deriving a boundary for a single cluster data

Summary I have a dataset of 2D points that exhibit a distinct pattern. My goal is to create a boundary that encompasses the main cluster of points while excluding outliers. In other words, if a point ...
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What is the relation between Linear Classifier and Linear Decission Boundary (or Non Linear Decision Boundary)?

As we know (Wikipedia Definition): Linear Classifier makes a classification decision based on the linear combination of the feature vectors. Mathematically : $y = f(\sum w_i x_i)$ So , $f$ is our ...
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4 votes
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Is a "decision boundary" incompatible with proper scoring rules?

Having a decision boundary in a binary classification problem tells me that if the point lies on one side of the boundary, classify as $0$; if the point lies on the other side, classify as $1$. What ...
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Determining the decision boundary for Naive Bayes

I'd like to know if this is a sensible idea and if there exist any already formed methods to do this (I'm new to the data science area). Essentially, I have used Naive Bayes to accurately classify ...
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Step by step explanation of answer for discriminant function [duplicate]

This is a question/answer from my first assignment (intro class on pattern recognition) I don't understand how they used the p(x given w1) and p(x given w2) in the discriminant function. For example, ...
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Decision boundaries and Gaussian density functions

This is for my hw, and if anyone can solve the first part of the question it will be great. Here is the question: Assume a two-class problem with equal a priori class probabilities and Gaussian class-...
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