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fuzzy decission making

I'm working on decision-making using Double Hierarchy Fuzzy Linguistic terms. I want to ask if can we compare two Double Hierarchy Fuzzy Linguistic terms. I am trying to implement the TODIM algorithm ...
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Is it possible to adjust a logistic regression model when the false positive rate is too high for observations belonging to a specific category?

This is a hypothetical scenario for self-learning purposes (not homework), so not a lot of additional details to give than what I mention below. Let's say I have a binary logistic regression model, ...
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Formal Bayes rule for the bandit problem

We have two slot machines, $B_1$ and $B_2$. We've played the first machine $n_1$ times and gotten the rewards $R_1^1, \dots, R_1^{n_1}$ and played the second machine $n_2$ times and gotten the rewards ...
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Decision rule as a hyper-parameter in LASSO

I have a question that is related to the following: Is decision threshold a hyperparameter in logistic regression? but would like some clarification. The general consensus is that the decision rule ...
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