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Deconvolution vs tf.Reshape

I currently have a 1D-CNN which produces a 1D output due to the dense layers at the end of said CNN but want it to produce a 2D output. Instead of reshaping my tensor elements using tf.reshape, would ...
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If $Z=X+Y$, and I know the probability distribution of $Z$ and $Y$, and $X\perp Y$ how to recover the probability distribution of X?

Suppose I know the distribution of $Z$ and $Y$: $Z\sim F_Z$ with density $f_Z$, $Y\sim F_Y$ with density $f_Y$. Suppose I also know that $Z=X+Y$, where $X$ and $Y$ are independent and the ...
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Removing Gaussian distribution from mixed ratio distribution

I have a dataset with many ratios gathered from a large group of individuals. Each ratio is between repeated measurements from the same individual. Ratios normalize the concentrations, which vary ...
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What are the effects of adding technical/pseudo replicates to the ones to be deconvolved?

I want to perform deconvolution of a small data set (3 samples of one conditions vs. 4 of another). The tool CibersortX can estimate the sample-specific expression of cells, using the bulk expression ...
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Why does this test do not follow a chi-square distribution?

I am trying to run some simulations to implement a test that is supposed (according to the theory) to follow a chi-squared distribution with 1 degree of freedom. My setting is as follows: The data $...
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Estimate the Image Using Multi Many Realizations of Its Convolution with a Known Filters Using Wiener Filter

Suppose we have a corrupted image $Y = H*X + \epsilon$ that is formed by taking an image $X$, convolving it with a point-spread function $H$, and adding gaussian noise $\epsilon$. Then we know that ...
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Distribution of i.i.d. random variables $X$ and $Y$ if $XY \sim \text{Beta}(\alpha, \beta)$

This is a follow-up to the question Square root of a Beta(1,1) random variable, which received two great answers. If $XY \sim \text{Beta}(\alpha, \beta)$, and $X$ and $Y$ are two independent ...
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Cellular deconvolution intuition

Cellular deconvolution yields the proportion of cell types from bulk tissue. After estimating the proportion of each cell type, why cannot one multiply the total expression by the proportion to get ...
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