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XGBoost: Why is the "approximate algorithm" faster?

I am reading T. Chen, C. Guestrin, "XGBoost: A Scalable Tree Boosting System", 2016 (arXiv), which is seemingly full of typos. They propose the so-called "approximate algorithm" (...
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Data parallelism on multiple GPUs [closed]

I am trying to train a model using data parallelism on multiple GPUs. As I think, in data parallelism, we divide the data into batches, and then batches are deployed parallel. Afterward, the average ...
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fast distance metric between a new data entry and available clusters of data

Assume we divide a large data set D into m different partitions of data in a distributed learning case, using ...
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Fake distributed computation - secure summation on IRLS for binary logistic regression

I am attempting to perform an IRLS algorithm to estimate regression parameters for a logistic regression model. This is the algorithm that I am following Select initial values for the regression ...
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What data is sent from a client to a server in a federated learning setting?

So far, I thought federated learning works like this: All clients have the same machine learning model (if not personalized). They have their unique data and then train this model (e.g., neural ...
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Distributed Statistical Inference

I am interested in statistical inference using distributed methods, which basically means $m$ machines receiving a subset of the data $X_m$. We have some unknown distribution $\mu_\theta$ in a ...
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Distributed PCA or an equivalent

We normally have fairly large datasets to model on, just to give you an idea: over 1M features (sparse, average population of features is around 12%); over 60M rows. A lot of modeling algorithms ...
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Logistic regression on HDFS, what's the algorithm?

How does Spark (or something similar) estimate a logistic regression model, or any statistical model that is estimated by an optimization algorithm, when the data are stored in a distributed ...
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