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Covariance of two spherical variables

I have encountered a problem here. Suppose $x_1,x_2,x_3\in\mathbb{R}^p$ are three independent r.v. following $N(0,I_p)$, then I want to derive the value of $$E\bigg\{\big(\frac{\beta^T(x_1-x_2)}{||x_1-...
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Distribution of absolute value of Elliptically Symmetric Random Variable

I am studying Elliptically Symmetric Distributions and someone recommended me Symmetric Multivariate and Related Distributions by Fang (1990), which is the book I am reading for that purpose. I know ...
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Does a whitening transformation of the prior affect the performance of elliptical slice sampling?

I have been using elliptical slice sampling (ESS) with much success lately and I have a question I can't seem to figure out myself. Does a whitening transformation of the prior affect ESS performance? ...
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Contour lines for multivariate Laplace distribution

In the p-variate normal distribution ($\mathbf{N_p(\mu,\Sigma)}$), the solid ellipsoid of x values satisfying $(\mathbf{x-\mu)'\Sigma^{-1}(\mathbf{x}-\mu)}\leq \chi^2_p(\alpha)$ has probability $1-\...
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Proof involving elliptically symmetric distributions in regression analysis

Let me start by setting the scene and stating the theorem. I just want some pointers on how to follow the proof. Let $y$ be an observable, $n$-dimensional random vector and $f$ be a known, Borel ...
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Joint distribution of two t-distributions with different degrees of freedom

Let $x$ and $y$ be 2 random variables with t-distributions with mean = 0 but different degrees of freedom. Can their joint distribution be elliptical?
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Estimation of common variance in elliptical distribution

Suppose you observe a random $p$-vector $X$ which follows an elliptical distribution with mean zero, covariance $\sigma^2 I$ and (unknown) distribution function $g$. Given a single observation of $X$...
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Difference between bivariate exponential family and bivariate elliptical family

I'm studying the elliptical family and I'd like to know the principal differences between the bivariate exponential and elliptical family.
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What are elliptical errors?

When can we have elliptical errors in linear regression?
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generate multivariate cauchy random variable

How can we generate multivariate random variable in matlab? Will the set of t distribution with 1 degree of freedom will give multivairate cauchy noise, How to generate?
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Distribution of a linear combination of the components of an elliptically distributed random vector

What is the distribution of a linear combination of the components of an elliptically distributed random vector? Is the linear combination an elliptically distributed random variable?
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Distribution of the Rayleigh quotient

For a research project I need to find the expected value of the generalized Rayleigh quotient: $$E\,[w^T A w \ / \ w^T B w].$$ Here A and B are positive definite deterministic p x p covariance ...
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Multivariate Laplace distribution

I find it strange, but I can't find what multivariate Laplace distribution looks like. What is its pdf? I googled for a while but couldn't find a good description. I wasn't paying attention to ...
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