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On ethical aspects of statistics.

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What are some good books on how to avoid, as a statistician, being used to lend false credibility to a dishonest project?

I mean for example companies or organizations who are not really interested in decision making driven by serious data analysis, but who employ or hire statisticians to try to give false credibility to ...
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What are some good references on the history of ethics in statistics?

I'm looking for good or reputable references (books, articles, possibly documentaries, instructional videos, podcasts or radio shows, etc.) directly related to the history of ethics in statistics. The ...
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Are the arguments that placebo can be unethical mistaken?

There seem to be two ideas of placebo - or the treatment received by a placebo group: A "simulation" of a treatment using saline or sugar pill so that subjects in a clinical trial can be ...
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How can statistics be used to avoid "Lending False Credibility To Decisions We've Already Made" [closed]

In light of this article Data Science Has Become About Lending False Credibility To Decisions We've Already Made published in Forbes, I would appreciate input from the statistical and data science ...
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How to assess the effect of an intervention when having a control sample is unethical?

I'd like to assess the effect of a medication X on some scalar, nominal and ordinal parameters of disease Y. Problem is, this medication X has proven to greatly reduce mortality in patients with ...
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Avoiding social discrimination in model building

I have questions inspired from the Amazon recent recruitment scandal, where they were accused of discrimination against women in their recruitment process. More info here: Inc's machine-...
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Would you flag this data as fraudulent?

Let's suppose you have been given some data from a randomized block design with 4 repetitions and 23 treatments. After an initial inspection of the data, you notice that for 8 treatments all ...
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Using variables selected from lasso regression in standard regression

I was wondering about the ethics of using lasso regression for variable selection and then simply entering the selected variables into a standard regression. Is it kosher to do this?
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Ethics of publishing covariate matrix

I am planning to submit a paper with a Structural Equation Model applied into a dataset built with measurements from schizophrenic patients. In the spirit of promoting an open research culture I've ...
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Anonymizing survey data, plus an ethics question [closed]

This is a fairly simple question about raw data in Excel. I have a survey asking respondents to rate 17 questions on a rating scale from 1 to 5. The goal is for individuals who answer the survey to be ...
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