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on-topic questions involving genstat statistical software

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Correlation significance values change depending on number of variables tested in Genstat

I'm doing some exploratory data analysis in Genstat, and tried running correlations relating a number of variables to my variable of interest (VOI). First, I just ran a subset of the variables, and ...
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Can i use an independent variable in % units in a probit regression

I want to do a probit regression and one explanatory variable is given in % units. Do i have to transform it in decimal units or can i use it in % units in my probit regression?
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Interpreting Outputs From a Generalised Linear Mixed Model

So I am running an experiment on transmission fidelity in humans depending on information type. This works by having chains of 5 people playing a Chinese whispers type game with 4 passages of ...
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Generalized Linear Mixed Model in R with repeated measures

I am trying to investigate how four variables (var1=continuous, var2=factor, var3=factor, var4=continuous) influence the number of trials individuals approached (out of total nr of trials --> binomial)...
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Reporting results of simple linear regression: what information to include?

I have just performed some (very) simple linear regression in Genstat and would like to include a succinct and meaningful summary of the output in my report. I'm not sure exactly what or how much of ...
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