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GLLAMM stands for Generalized Linear Latent and Mixed Models. It is a Stata package capable of estimating GLMMs, mixed models, and latent variable models. Please use stata and multilevel/mixed-model/mixed-effect/glmm tag, as appropriate

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3 answers

How to do binary logistic regression on people (couples) clustered within homes?

I am looking at the relationship between housing characteristics and a health outcome. To make the example simple, I have data for a continuous predictor (exposure) collected from 1000 homes and ...
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Generalized linear latent and mixed model (GLLAMM) for crossed factors

I'm looking for any reference about Generalized Linear Latent and Mixed Model (GLLAMM) for Crossed Factors involving both Measurement Model and Structured Model of GLLAMM (See the problem below). Any ...
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Random parameters with endogeneous regressors by Stata SEM or GLLAMM?

I'm interested in estimating a linear model with random parameters (RP) and some endogenous regressors in stata. The main issue is to obtain estimates of parameters variances and not the parameters by ...
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Ordered logistic multilevel regression in imputed dataset

Is there any way to calculate an ordered logistic multilevel regression in an imputed dataset? I have tried Stata’s GLLAMM (Generalized Linear and Latent Mixed ...
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How can I reproduce the gllamm() Stata function in R? [closed]

I'm currently working in a project, where I replicate a project that has been conducted with Stata. I, however, work with R. The task is to estimate a multi level logit model. In Stata, the project ...
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Getting marginal effects after a panel oprobit regression in Stata (using gllamm package)

I am trying to estimate the number of companies entering certain markets using panel data. To do so, I ran an ordered probit regression in Stata using the ...
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Is it possible to fit a Graded Response Model in Stata?

I've been reading about Item Response Theory during the past few weeks and I'd like to use it to examine how my scales are functioning. The response categories are ordinal. If I understood well, the ...
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Multilevel model with an ordinal outcome

I have a data set from a survey of health problems and annoyance by traffic noise in people living in residential buildings, with "5-point scale answer" questions. I want to perform a multilevel model ...
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