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A measure of concordance between two random variables based on ranks.

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GKgamma function returns NaN for participants with perfect performance [closed]

I asked my participants to answer a series of memory questions and rate their confidence on the accuracy of each. The dataframe looks something like this: ...
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Significance test for Yule's Q

It says here that the test statistic for Goodman and Kruskal's gamma is $z=G\sqrt{\frac{n_c+n_d}{N(1-G^2)}},$ where $n_c$ and $n_d$ are the numbers of concordant and discordant pairs, resp. Translated ...
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Chi-square test and Somers' d

I have two ordinal variables. I would like to know if there is a dependency between these two variables and also how strong this dependency is. So, I performed a chi-square test (34.53, df=8) where ...
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How to choose rank correlation coefficient?

I want to quantify correlation between rankings. Rankings in this case have got ties. Also rankings don't rank all the same entries, the rankings might be of different sizes and rank different sets, ...
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interpretation of Goodman Kruskal Gamma

Value of Goodman-Kruskal Gamma = 1 or -1 means that X and Y are monotonic but not strictly so i.e., $X_1 < X_2$ implies $Y_1 \leq Y_2 $. Can someone please explain this to me with an example?
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Am I using Goodman-Kruskal gamma or Somers D or Kendall tau correctly and what do they mean?

I am seemingly blindly following this publication that has done work very similar to what I need to accomplish (page 18-21). My analysis is a multinomial logistic regression where I have 3 possible ...
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How to combine many Goodman-Kruskal gamma measures?

I have 5 samples (from the same population). I want to calculate the Goodman-Kruskal gamma ($\gamma$) for the population, based on the gamma of the 5 samples ($G_i$). Each data has 2 ordinal ...
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How do the Goodman-Kruskal gamma and the Kendall tau or Spearman rho correlations compare?

In my work, we are comparing predicted rankings versus true rankings for some sets of data. Up until recently, we've been using Kendall-Tau alone. A group working on a similar project suggested we try ...
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