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Questions tagged [greedy-algorithm]

A greedy algorithm is a type of iterative optimization algorithm, where in each iteration an action is taken that optimizes the *current* objective value.

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Sequential Approach lower error than Simultaneous approach

I'm looking for a situation/code example and dataset (preferably 2 datasets), where the greedy/sequential approach has a lower cross-validation error than a simultaneous approach (where comparison is ...
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Gutin and Yeo (2007) style result: classification problem on which greedy decision trees gets the _worst_ performance?

Gutin and Yeo (2007, Algo Op Research) identified a class of optimisation problems (called anti-matroids) on which greedy attains the unique worst outcome. user856 ...
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Difference between Epoch-greedy and Epsilon-Greedy algorithm for contextual bandits

I am trying to compare Epoch Greedy in Langford & Zhang's paper and the epsilon-greedy approach for contextual bandits as in Chen et al, 2020. My question is that are these the same algorithms?-- ...
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Are the two $\epsilon$-greedy policies different?

I found 2 diffefent versions of $\epsilon$Greedy policy for monte carlo and q learning: For monte carlo: $\pi (a|s)=\epsilon /m +1-\epsilon$ to choose the best action and $\pi =\epsilon /m$ for other ...
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What is matching pursuit algorithm?

I would like to know What is matching pursuit algorithm? I did search via different sources but no understandable explanation is available! Can anyone help with this, please?
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Split Finding Algorithms in Decision Trees

Given a Top-Down Induction of Decision Trees: Select best decision attribute A for node (e.g. highest reduction in entropy) For each value of A, create new descendant of node and sort training ...
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